Sisters Saba and Sarah Jawda founded Jawda and Jawda as an avenue for navigating the art of style and design. Their focus is to educate, inspire and challenge the everyday mundane via architecture, interior design, art, graphic design, creative direction and Company branding.   

Upon earning degrees in architecture and interior design - Saba Jawda has been working on commercial, hospitality, retail and residential projects worldwide. Her keen eye for Color and form combined with modern flair and urban sophistication attribute to her unique style. Saba is also a modern abstract artist whose work has been displayed across the United States, Central America, Europe and Asia.   

Sarah Jawda is a graphic designer with degrees in advertising, public relations and  Marketing. She aspires to innovate the norms of the style and design industry through the combination of simplistic design and visionary wit. Sarah’s creative inspiration stems from the need to find uncommon approaches to the common idea.   

They have collaborated to create Jawda and Jawda – an unprecedented approach to  Redefining the 21st century lifestyle via the culmination of unconventional design  and a unique vision for detail.   

The jaw[line]© collection encompasses furniture and a greeting card line called Veritas©. Both collections draw from the sister’s cultural background having  Been born in Iraq, lived in Belize Central America and now Houston, Texas where they currently reside.